Radiant Philosophy

Radiant is recognised as a centre of excellence for integrated physiotherapy services in Lancashire. Our ability to achieve this is based on a variety of strategies that ensure a dynamic, evolving team and a value system that focuses on a true caring partnership with our clients. We provide clients with high-quality physiotherapy services in a way that encourages them to share the responsibility for their therapy and ongoing well-being.

In terms of our team – we achieve this by:

  • Ensuring that all our therapists are clinically competent and have a true passion for their profession
  • Creating an inspiring learning environment which ensures ongoing professional development
  • Promoting experiences within all fields relevant to musculoskeletal practice

In our relationships with clients we ensure that the following key components are included:

  • The delivery of current best practice physiotherapy services
  • An integrated well-being approach to treatment
  • Developing an open and trusting relationship with our clients
  • Ensuring a positive client experience in a caring and respectful environment